Rabbit Information

Rabbit care

Pg.9 Freedom

1: Give freedom gradually in a confined space

Playpens are ideal, with boxes, tunnels, baskets to investigate.

Rabbits can be bored and lonely just like other animals. The only difference is that they can’t tell you, not like a dog can.

Females dig more than males.

Chicken wire under the exercise area will keep bunny contained. Top dress with some dirt and allow the grass to grow through

2: Do not chase your bunny !!!

This will frighten your rabbit, as if a fox is after it.

You may think the rabbit is enjoying the chase, but most likely it is terrified and running for its life.

If you want a friendly pet, avoid frightening situations.

Try to have bunny come to you. This is why a confined space is initially  important.

Only give greater freedom when you are sure your rabbit will come when called.

3: Rabbits need at least 4 hours exercise daily

 A whole day of safe freedom outside is fine, weather permitting, when temperature is between 13-23 deg C.

 Sheltered indoor exercise can be negotiated on hot or cold days.

Keeping a rabbit shut in its hutch all day is cruel, and not good for their health.


In the wild rabbits graze an area of 2 hectares every day.

Even if your hutch area is large, a change of environment is appreciated.

Make sure to provide shelter from rain, heat, or cold and provide an interesting environment. A tarp can be clipped to the top of the playpen for shade and protection from birds or cats

Rabbits quite enjoy light rain, so long as you provide a safe place to shelter from heavy rain or hail stones

 If leaving your rabbit out all day in an exercise area, make sure there is some kind of a hutch for them to take their mid-day nap.

In the wild a rabbit has a routine of early morning grazing, a mid-day nap in its burrow, and then grazing again in the afternoon.

As much as possible, try to imitate a rabbit's natural habitat.


 4: Always put your rabbit back safely in its’ hutch at night 

To protect against Myxomatosis. Rabbits should be back in their mosquito safe hutch before 5pm

Of course there is always a risk of being bitten during the day too, so in times of the year when myxomatosis is prevalent, daytime exercise would be wise to have indoors.

A night time safety hutch will protect your bunny from->

        Foxes,     Mosquitoes,   Owls,   Wild Cats,      Dogs.







Rabbits need to return to their own territory at night (equivalent

to their safe cozy burrow) as they would in the wild, even though

they enjoy investigating new places during the day

NOTE-Foxes can easily climb over playpens and fences, and break into flimsy hutches.