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Rabbit care

Pg.8 Handling


Encourage your bunny to come to you by scratching in the hay to attract its attention. They are inquisitive

Allow the rabbit to smell your hand, speak gently, and stroke the head to gain its trust, before attempting to pick it up.

Pick up gently with one hand under the body and the other under its backside. If you find this too difficult, at least pick up with two hands

Hold with its feet on your chest, one hand under the bottom and the other supporting the back.

If a rabbit is held out with feet dangling, it is as if a fox is carrying it to its den.

Mother rabbits do not carry their young in their teeth, as do cats; so it’s not natural for a rabbit to be picked up by the scruff of the neck.

Never pick up by the ears.

Supervise children when handling bunny.

If a rabbit is hurt or frightened, it will bite.

Always have children quietly seated.

Children under 3 years have about a 2 minute attention span.

They can get jealous if too much attention is given to the rabbit, resulting in them pinching, hitting or throwing the rabbit.

You may think that you have a sweet, gentle little toddler, but for the rabbit’s sake never leave them alone.

It is better to buy a toddler a little stuffed toy rabbit, than a live animal. Wait until your toddler is older to buy them a rabbit as a pet.

Rabbits are not baby sitters or toys.

Children under 6 years are likely to poke bunny in the eye and squeeze the rabbit too tightly.

A child of 10-12 years is mature enough to handle a rabbit more responsibly.

The more you handle your rabbit, the friendlier it will become.

Never let a day pass when your bunny hasn’t been cuddled.

If a rabbit is left alone for a long time without being handled, it will become "Ferrell."

Avoid loud noises or sudden movements, (causing fear.)

 Screaming, fighting, children can traumatize a rabbit.

If your children are boisterous and loud, you would be better to get them a puppy, than a rabbit.

Some rabbits do not like to be picked up, as in the wild they always have their feet on the ground.

For pet rabbits it is essential for them to become used to being handled.

You need to be able to pick them up to put them out for their run each day, and then back safe in their hutch at night.

There is also the occasional necessary trip to the vet.

Even if your bunny doesn't seem to want to be picked up and cuddled, make sure you do each day and several times a day if possible, so that your rabbits becomes accustomed to being handled. If you want a really friendly pet, you will need to put the time in

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