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Pg. 2 How Many Rabbits?

(1)A single rabbit needs lots of love and affection, as rabbits are social community animals, interacting with each other constantly.

Rabbits groom each other and just like sitting together.

One rabbit alone may be lonely unless you are home a lot, and intend to keep bunny with you inside.

For the rabbits’ sake, it is best to buy two rabbits together, rather than only one.

Rabbits sleep in the middle of the day, as they would do in the wild, so an indoor bunny would not be lonely when the children are at school, and the adults are working

Indoor Rabbits would have company when the family is at home

If you intend to keep your rabbit in a hutch in the back yard, it would be cruel to keep one alone

By nature they don’t live in isolation.

In the wild, rabbits have a pecking order among the Bucks and among the Does’.

The females dig individual burrows for their babies, which they will defend against predators and other rabbits.

Other than that, they share territory and live in community.




 Most rabbits love company, and enjoy sitting together and grooming each other.


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 How many rabbits is too many rabbits ?

The rule I make for myself is.

(1) If I am unwell, how many rabbits am I able to take care of ?

(2) If it is very hot, how many rabbits am I able to keep cool ?

(3) On a busy day, how many rabbits can I still look after well ?

(4) How much love and affection am I able to give my bunnies, without neglecting my family and friends .

(5) How many rabbits do I have the facilities to put out for their 4 hour exercise time each day.

These are difficult questions for those addicted to rabbits .

 Don't become a rabbit horder