Rabbit Information

Rabbit care

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Consider carefully before buying a bunny.

You will need time to care for it, and be prepared to take responsibility for all its needs when the children have lost interest, or grown up and left home.


Calici-virus immunization is given at 3 months, then a yearly booster injection.

Myxomatosis has no immunization available in Australia. It spreads through contact with fleas and mosquitoes. Fly wire on the hutch may be a helpful protection.

If the rabbits are out in their run in the day, it is wise to put them back in their mosquito proof hutch before dusk, or keep bunnies inside over night.


A new more potent  Calici virus is being released in Australia in March 2017.

No immunization is offered for pet rabbit 

The best thing you can do is to have your rabbit immunises for Calici and hope that it will stimulate the immune system enough to give some protection 


Before buying a pet rabbit, consider what your holiday plans will be for your rabbits welfare.

For some, you may be lucky enough to have a reliable, knowledgeable friend or neighbour, who will call in each day to attend to bunnies needs. This is the best option as your rabbit will feel safe in its own environment, even if it is a little lonely.

Some people take their rabbit with them on holidays in a small carry cage in the car and a folding playpen for use when they reach their destination

Sending you rabbit away for boarding can be very stressful for your rabbit, as they will fret for their family and familiar surroundings. If this is the only option, visit the bunny boarding house first to make sure that it is clean and well kept, and that your rabbit won't be kept in a tiny cage without exercise.

Take some of the food the rabbit is accustomed to, so that it doesn't have a sudden change of diet. Take along some familiar items that your rabbit may be attached to e.g. Toy, tunnel, blanket, the box it likes to sit on. etc.

It is not a good idea to board your bunny at a boarding kennel where they also board dogs and cat, as the constant barking and the smell of cats could terrify your rabbit.

R.S.P.C.A. Five Freedoms

1) Freedom From Hunger And Thirst

By providing ready access to fresh water and diet to maintain full health and vigor.

2) Freedom From Discomfort:

By making sure that animals have the appropriate environment, including shelter and somewhere comfortable to resting

3) Freedom From Pain, Injury & Disease

By preventing illness and rapid and appropriate treatment.

4) Freedom To Express Normal Behavior

By providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind.

5) Freedom From Fear & Distress

By making sure their conditions and treatment avoid mental suffering.

Regrettable departure

If unforeseen circumstances occur and you are unable to keep your bunny; do the right thing and either find bunny another good home, approach an animal rescue centre, or have your rabbit humanely euthanized.


 Do not leave it in the bush or a park

where it will die from fox attack, or myxomatosis, not to mention the devastating effect that rabbits have on the Australian environment.

Death by Myxomatosis is a long and painful process.