Rabbit Information

Rabbit care

Pg.27  Human health considerations.


Prevention is to wash hands after handling bunnies.

Treat family members and other pets that have ringworm to prevent rabbits from catching it.

Rabbits can be treated with human ringworm treatment from the chemist.


Wash hands after handling a rabbit with ringworm

Tapeworm.  Rabbits cannot pass on tapeworm as the tapeworm life-cycle is not completed in rabbits.

Generally intestinal worms are not a problem to rabbits, or a threat to humans.

A Rabbit bite may become infected: however a wash with soap and water is usually sufficient.

Rabbits are herbivores, so they don’t harbor as many mouth germs as carnivores such as cats and dogs where left over meat rots between their teeth.

It is advisable to keep any open wounds covered when handling rabbits.

People who are H.I.V. positive or are on immune-

suppressant drugs may be at risk of opportunistic infections

 from rabbits (e.g. Encephalitozoon parasite or pasteurella bacteria.)


Some people are allergic to rabbit fur, or to hay.

If you are not sure, take the opportunity of sitting with a rabbit in a rabbit shed .

Some people are even allergic to be on a property where rabbits are kept

Other people are allergic to hay which is essential for a rabbit's well-being