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Rabbit care

Pg. 25 Fur-Fleas-Mites


 Treat only as necessary

(Frontline should never be used on rabbits)

 Make sure other family pets are treated for fleas.

Rats carry fleas and birds carry mites, and sometimes there are mites in the hay you buy.

Wild rabbits are usually riddled with fleas, so make sure your pet rabbit does not have contact with any wild rabbits.

See your vet for appropriate flea and mite treatment

 Fur Mites

 Fur mites look a bit like dandruff. Often it will clear up by itself.

Regular brushing will help.


Mite infestation can be cleared up with a drop of ivermectin behind the neck

Rabbits tend to pick up mites from their hay, even if the hay is good quality

Ear mites appear as brown dust in the ears, which can be treated by wiping the inner ear with cooking oil.

Suspect ear mites if your rabbit constantly  shakes its head

Severe infestation can cause ear canker. You will need to see the vet for treatment

Ear canker caused by ear mites.------>>