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Rabbit care

Pg 24 Grooming

Rabbits cannot vomit, not like a cat, so they don't cough up fur balls.

This mean that excessive hair consumed can get tangled up with the food in its gut occasionally causing blockage and bowel stasis.

Rabbit kept with a companion will groom each other constantly and consume a lot of fur

 When the droppings are joined like a pearl necklace, it is a sign that the gut is full of hair and that the rabbit needs much more grooming.

Treatment of blockage caused by fur balls is to give lots of grass hay, fresh slice of pineapple with the peel and a slice of banana.

Even Short hair rabbits will shed hair about every 3 months.

Regular brushing should be sufficient. A comb through is also helpful and enjoyed.

Daily brushing and combing is required.


 A bristle brush is gentle and the rabbit will enjoy this.






 Baby bunnies can be gently brushed with a soft bristle brush

Get bunny used to being brushed daily.

This is a good bonding activity, as the grooming is similar, to the mother licking its baby



De-tangling rotating pin combs are helpful to remove matting.

 As the pins roll, when used, the matting is removed and any loose fur stays on the comb

These rotating pin combs are ideal for matted fur



* Use slicker brushes for the feet and face.

Slicker brushes only brush the surface fur. They do not remove matted under growth fur

They do fluff up the fur making it look good



* Double toothed combs are useful to keep the fur mat free too.

Suitable for the larger rabbit




  * Stroking bunny with a wet hand will remove much of the molting fur.

It is better to make the daily brush an enjoyment, rather than weekly or monthly de-matting a chore for the owner and rabbit.

If a long haired rabbit, is not going to be shown in competition, it

is best to keep it clipped to about one inch length.

Removing matted hair

Never try to cut the whole matted ball off at the skin. This is very dangerous, as a rabbit has very delicate skin, that is easily injured.

Simply cut the top off the mat ball, and tease the mat apart.

Gently comb the mat through a little at a time.

Some of the matted hair can be gently tugged a few strands at a time.

If there is a lot of matting it may take several grooming sessions, rather than attempting to do it all at once.

Once the matting has been removed, a daily  comb through with a rotating pin comb should keep the fur untangled.

Profession help

A vet will have the tools to shave off the whole matted coat under anesthetic.

Dog groomers

Never take a rabbit to a dog groomers. The smell of the dogs and all the barking would be very stressful for a rabbit. It may even die from shock.

Rabbit grooming is different from dog grooming as their skin is so delicate.

A Rabbit would not like the noise of electric clippers