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Pg. 21 Diarrhea

True diarrhea is watery.

Diarrhea can result from infection, especially in very young

rabbits . This infection is caused by the  Coccidia parasite.

Coccidia results from unhygienic conditions.

Vets can test for this and treat successfully if diagnosed early enough, otherwise death is inevitable.

Rabbits can die very fast from diarrhea, so if you think it is serious, with watery diarrhea see your vet immediately.


Mild diarrhea can be caused from a rabbit having too many green vegetables. You will soon know how much and which greens your bunny tolerates.

Treatment if your bunny has diarrhea caused by excessive greens, or a sudden change of diet

1:Remove all food except water and hay

2:Keep the bunny warm.

3:Keep their bottom clean.

4:Make sure the hutch is kept clean, with plenty of fresh hay

5:Syringe feed warm water to rehydrate if necessary.

6:Gradually re-introduce other foods again when the droppings have returned to normal.


Soft stool stuck to a bunnies bottom 

"Sticky bottom syndrome" can be caused from a diet too high in refined carbohydrates with insufficient fibre.

eg. A rabbit being fed on lots of pellets or bread.

"Sticky bottom syndrome" can also be caused by obesity as the rabbit is unable to reach to consume its caecotrophs, resulting in it getting squashed on its bottom

Some bunnies develop chronic "Sticky bottom syndrome" from incorrect diet.

Rabbits with Sticky Bottom Syndrome can become fly-blown.


This picture is not Diarrhea. These bunches of shiny stool are called "caecotrophs."

They are full of nutrients which the rabbit eats directly from its bottom to help with digestion. Similar to a cow chewing its cud.

You may never see these, but if you do it is simply that bunny has got distracted and forgotten to eat it. It isn't a problem to worry about.

The mother rabbit leaves them around for their babies to eat when they are being weaned. This establishes the baby bunny's gut with healthy probiotics


Watery diarrhoea. will require a trip to the vet