Rabbit Information

Rabbit care

Pg. 19  Suitable greens

Introduce each green gradually to test for tolerance.

A regular variety of fresh green vegetables is important for a rabbits’ health.

Give vegetables washed and wet. Stalks as well as leaves are enjoyed.

They can be scattered around to imitate foraging for food to eat, as they would in the wild, for stimulation and enjoyment.

You will know if it is too much or not enough, if there is anything left. Remove yesterdays’ leftovers.

Different greens have different food value, so try to give a variety to maximize your bunnies health.

Generally I would say to give your bunnies mixed vegetables, to the amount of the size of its head each day.

Suitable greens















->>Bamboo leaves

 Young leaves are especially enjoyed









 ->>Blackberry leaves.





 ->>Celery leaves (chop the stalks)





 ->>Brussels sprouts.





Do not give the bulb (only the green top leaves




Cabbage leaves

(darkest outer leaves only)




 Dandelion leaves and flowers.










 ->>Lettuce (darkest outer leaves only)

Not the heart of the lettuce












 ->> Grape vine leaves

A rabbit's favorite







->>Raspberry leaves

Excellent treatment for diarrhea





->> Snow peas







 ->>Cauliflower leaves.





->>Violet leaves




Never underestimate the value of grass. It is the natural food for rabbits in the wild.

Start 6 week old baby bunnies off on grass grazing,

5 minutes 1st day,  

10 minutes 2nd day,

15 minutes 3rd day,

20 minutes 4th day

25 minutes 5th day

Etc. for two weeks until grass tolerance is established.

Then all day grazing is a good source of greens.