Rabbit Information

Rabbit care

Pg.18  Treat foods

  Give these food in moderation only.

 ->>Kiwi fruit including the peel




  ->>Ripe raspberries

(with leaves and branches too)




 ->>Pear-No seeds






 ->>Pineapple(Peel, top leaves and flesh)








->>Carrots (Carrot tops and root)






 ->>Apples with peal, but remove seeds.












->> Cherries (remove pip)





Just a small slice


 ->> Ripe stone fruit

- Apricot





->>Ripe mango





->>Blackberries and leaves




Break grape open




->> Oranges with the peel.

 ================================================ Flowers  See which of these flowers your bunny enjoys



Flowers and leaves









Very popular with rabbits




 ->> Violets