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Pg.17 Dental care

 Over grown teeth

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 The top teeth should slightly over lap the lower teeth

Incorrect alignment, (malocclusion) may be caused by genetics, damage, or old age, resulting in the front teeth becoming overgrown, inhibiting normal nibbling, eventually causing starvation and death.

Check occasionally as clipping may become necessary. 

 See your vet as the better solution may be to remove the front teeth. 

Also if there is malocclusion of the front teeth, there may also be a problem with the back teeth too, which you cannot see. at home.

Rabbits’ teeth grow 4 inches each year. They get warn down by grazing and biting into the bark of trees and roots.

<<-- This picture shows what you will see if your bunny has malocclusion.  

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Hay is important in keeping teeth healthy.


Always provide branches to nibble on.

Branches of citrus tree / Hibiscus / Pear tree / .Apple tree / Rose bush  / Willow branches, Goji bush are all ideal to nibble on.

Crunching on pellets is an unnatural chewing action for a rabbit. Pellets do not wear down the front teeth as they are only chewed by grinding the back teeth

This is one reason why pellets should be limited and the rabbit given copious amounts of hay, fresh vegetables and grass to graze on instead.

Some vets even recommend not to give pellets at all. I prefer moderation