Rabbit Information

Rabbit care

Pg.13 Behavior and Safety

1: Biting

Give a jump and a yelp to let the bunny know that it’s not acceptable

Don’t allow the bunny to nibble your clothes.

 Continue to cuddle and handle.

Wear adequate clothing and even gloves if necessary. The rabbit will sense your anxiety so protect yourself so that you feel safe

Biting may possibly only be a stage which bunny grows out of.

Sometimes a rabbit will bite when it is startled or feel insecure

A rabbit may give a nip to let you know it has had enough cuddles

Neutering may be a solution.

Some rabbits develop a dislike for a particular person, whom they see as a threat.

Pain, fear, hormones or territory protection, will all affect a rabbits’ personality.

Consider the cause and the ways you may be able to solve the problem.

Never hit or throw a rabbit, as this will exacerbate the problem.

 2: Spraying of urine is normal male behavior, marking territory or people, to attract a mate.

Sometimes even a female will spray.

De-sexing takes at least 3-6 weeks to change this behavior and for the bunny to become infertile.

3:Circling. When your bunny circles another rabbit or your legs, it is a sign of affection.

4: Teeth chattering. Rabbits do a type of purr when they are enjoying your attention.

If you put your fingers just under the side of their chin you will be able to feel the quiver of the teeth chattering.

They are not shaking with fear, but just enjoying their cuddle.

5: Grinding the teeth. Rabbits grind their teeth when in pain. This is audible, much different from chattering.

6: Rolling. A bunny who feels safe and secure will roll over is shear contentment, and have a little sleep. (Not to be confused with an illness where are rabbit rolls and is unable to hop around.)

7:Binky. This is where a rabbit jumps up into the air and changes direction. Young bunnies do this often, whereas older bunnies are more sedate

8:Growling. This is a definite sign of displeasure and may mean that your bunny will bite.

9:Screaming.Hopefully you will never hear this. A rabbit will scream in pain or fear.


Safety considerations

1: Drowning.

 Pool fences often have bars wide enough for bunny to slip through.

Although rabbits can swim, they would drown in a backyard pool as they would be unable to get out.


2: Fire Works. 

Rabbits can literally die from shock.

At times like New Years Eve, place the hutch inside or in a shed.

Cover the hutch up with blankets to muffle the sound.

Load the hutch up with hay so that the bunny can dig down into the hay to feel safe, as it would to escape from threat into a burrow in the wild.

3: Falling or being dropped

Be aware that if a rabbit falls from a height it may easily break bones.

I suggest a barrier across stair entrances.

Do not leave a rabbit sitting on a table

If the ramp in a 2 story hutch is too steep, a rabbit could get injured.  You may need to rest the ramp on a box to elevate it, giving bunny more safety. A phone book under the end of the ramp will raise it a little, to make it less steep