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Pg.12 Toilet training

Toilet training is rarely 100% successful 

Toilet training is simply a matter of tapping into a rabbit's natural instinct, as they would do in the wild.

If you walk in the Australian bush near a rabbit warren, you will notice a mound of rabbit droppings which all the wild bunnies in the warren use.

A pet rabbit is not part of a community of rabbits, as it would be in the wild, so it has to decide where is the best place in a new territory.

Rabbits do not dig a hole for their toilet and then cover it up as cats do

Rabbits will choose a place for its toilet naturally.

If you don't have a toilet tray like the one in the picture, any tray such as a cat litter tray, or corner toilet will do.

 I like to place this toilet tray into a litter tray to stop the urine from spilling over the edge, as rabbits wee backwards.

Non chemical Cat litter / wood shavings / or shredded paper will absorb the urine and reduce the smell and fly attraction

A little goes a long way




Place a small scoop of litter pellets on the toilet tray


  Cover with plastic toilet grid







 Sprinkle with a hand full of hay

Bunnies like to chew and poo all at the same time.

If you put hay all over your hutch, bunny will poo everywhere



 Having some hay in a hay rack is better than having hay all over

 * Place some droppings on the toilet tray in its chosen place.

If your rabbit decides to use the nest box area as a toilet, then put the litter tray in the nest box. This is not a problem


* Rinse out toilet daily with water. Do not use disinfectant. Occasionally it will need a scrub.

A weak solution of bleach will kill any germs

* Rabbit droppings are fine to place directly on the garden. They won’t burn your plants as bird manure would.

* Urine is usually healthy when either blood red or milky white.

* Once toilet training has been established in the tiller tray, you can shift it into the house or playpen, and hopefully bunny will use it wherever you place it.

Initially a rabbit placed in a new environment will mark the new territory with droppings and urine, but once they have accepted the area as their own, they will start to use their litter tray again.

* It is helpful to have a few toilets around if bunny lives inside. The rabbit toilet needs to be placed in close proximity.


9: Give your rabbit parsley to eat every day to make the urine smell sweet.

A little mint, lavender or rosemary can also give the rabbit sweet smelling urine.


* If you have more than one rabbit living together, they will all use the same toilet.