Rabbit Information

Rabbit care

Pg.11 House Rabbits./Toilets/Toys

 (Keeping a rabbit in the house is great company for both rabbits and humans)


 Rabbits nibble indiscriminately e.g. electric wires, telephone cables, and furniture.

Supply a branch for them to nibble

Plastic tubing or slit hoses can be places around wires and cables. Protect treasures furniture.

Many rabbits injure themselves falling off couches or down stairs. Anticipate and prevent the risks.

Lead paint can also cause your bunny illness, so keep an eye out before mishaps happen.

Many indoor plants are poisonous

An Indoor Playpen can be useful to keep bunny out of taboo places.

 A picnic rug is handy to protect your floor and keep bunny cosy


 2:-Smell Make sure the toilet tray is in each room the rabbit has access to.

Rabbits would be unable to search the house to find the bathroom.

If necessary you can wash a rabbit's bottom in a basin with 1inch (3cm) warm water.

Rabbit fur takes ages to dry, which can cause the skin to become sore and infected, so make sure the fur is completely dry.

There is no need for a full body wash, as rabbits clean themselves like cats do

Avoid disinfectants, deodorants, fly spray and perfume.



Parsley in the diet helps the urine to smell sweet



 3:- Hutch Rabbits like to have a safe place to retreat and sleep in, like a box or pet tent.



Hay is messy and many house-rabbits miss out on this essential food due to its inconvenience.


A hay basket or even a cardboard box is ideal for the hay supply.

The rabbit will enjoy fresh hay every day.



 5:- Sunshine Daily outdoor sun exposure, whether permitting, in a playpen or safe backyard needs to be negotiated.






6:- Heat and cold.

Slate tiles and polished boards are cold unsuitable surfaces unless the rabbits are inside because of hot whether, and then it is quite cooling to lie on cold tiles.


Mats and towels need to be provided.

 A blanket or cushion is enjoyed

 Avoid drafts, or overheating.



 7:-Rabbit Toys


Rabbits enjoy cardboard boxes, cat tunnels, flower pots, wide plumbers pipes, babies hard plastic balls, towels, toilet rolls, cane baskets, pine cones, old phone books, cotton rope toys, straw hats, digging tray, a basket of hay, a stuffed toy,and logs to sit on.

No rubber toys, as rabbits cannot vomit. Anything swallowed continues down into the gut, which may cause life-threatening bowel blockage.

 They can play with hard plastic, but not rubber balls

Hard plastic baby rattles are fun

Some rabbits enjoy throwing them around


 Nylon Play Tunnel

Edible toys

Pine cone





Edible Banana Basket 




Straw hats are a great toy






 My Story :-

I had a bunny who just loves his "rabbit slipper" friend.

He was a breeding buck, so he couldn't have a hutch companion, as he would need to be desexed, and I figured he may get lonely.

Any fluffy toy of similar size and shape can be a comfort to a lonely rabbit

It is wise to remove any eyes from the toy which could be chewed off and swallowed.

Cuddle bunnies